Tambour Battant receive financial support
from the following organizations:



Since 2000, Tambour Battant has worked in partnership with the following organization:

The CLAPEST Strasbourg

The Association of Children and Prevention of Colmar

The Friendly Association Jules Verne Kunheim

The OPAL Strasbourg

The General Association of Families of Selestat

Socio-Cultural Centre in Val d'Argent in Sainte Marie aux Mines

The Community of Communes of France Rhine South Gate

Intercommunal Association of the Hanau

Tambour Battant has received technical or financial support from the following organizations:

Region Alsace, The General Council of Bas-Rhin

DDTEFP Bas-Rhin, DRAC Alsace

The School Inspectorate of Bas-Rhin, L'OGACA


The Agency Europe Education Training FRANCE